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Klopp Remains Positive Despite Inconsistency Issues

Jürgen Klopp has remained positive despite Liverpool’s numerous issues associated with inconsistency which has crippled them on many occasions now- most famously, the title collapse season of 13/14.

The Reds have had an issue with playing the so called “small teams” which always seem to trip them  up in their Premier League campaign. They seem to always show up for the ‘ big games’ , having not lost a match to top six opposition  this campaign. However, Klopp’s side have lost four games, the four sides they have lost to are all in the bottom half of the table.

In the 2013/14 season, the Liverpool fans were convinced it was theirs.  So close to finally grabbing hold of a Premier League trophy, however; they let it slide.

In the crunch game against Crystal Palace with just a game to go, the Reds all but ended their title dreams single- handedly.  They were 3-0 up with eleven minutes to play, only to then go and squander this lead and draw 3-3. This then essentially put the trophy into Manchester City’s hands, who stole the trophy away from Brendan Rodgers and left Reds fans devastated.

Liverpool themselves, have often been their biggest downfall.

They seem to possess an inability to control themselves in the decisive games, the games they are expected to win, and the smaller matches.

This season, talks of another title push gained momentum after they remained top of the league after 12 games. This good run continued, with Klopp’s men only losing one match in 24 games over a period of three months.

However, as 2017 arrived, Liverpool’s good form departed.

The Reds have just one win in ten games in the New Year, with this win coming in an FA Cup replay against League Two- Plymouth. Their most recent defeat came to Hull last weekend in a 2-0 loss.

Klopp today said in his press conference in regards to the Hull game : “ Even if we win it, I’m still angry about the first half” , he also added : “ We should not play like this.”  From this, it is evident that Klopp it also finding it hard to comprehend the poor performances in the smaller matches.

Klopp continued by saying: “The reason we did it wrong is not always clear,  which is often the question on Liverpool fans’ minds after a defeat, but Klopp said that :

“We don’t have time to watch back and say this was the reason we lost. Most of the time, I do what I have to do, not what I want to do. I love watching them doing shooting exercises, but that doesn’t help a lot.”

Klopp has recognised there is an issue though and is not just ignoring it and hoping the problems will disappear. “Different games have different challenges”

“We recognised at one point, we lost the flow”.

He made his views clear as to why this ‘ flow’ deteriorated as he stressed the fact that players getting injured, and then returning only to find another player side-lined, added with  players leaving for tournaments such as the African Cup Of Nations, and finally just as things look resolved , a different player will then turn ill. It feels like a constant loop of bad luck.

But, Klopp is making sure he intervenes and gets the Reds back on track.  A fitting message for this was his quote today.

“In this situation, we have to look for solutions, not excuses.”

He is not giving in, and his positivity regarding this may be a key factor in saving the season.  It’s evident he still has high hopes as he expressed that: “ In my dreams, we can win 14 games” , this was in relation to Liverpool’s remaining league games.

Tomorrow is the start of the revival of Liverpool’s season, can Klopp pull it off?

By Tom Cavilla, 18 years old.



My name is Tom Cavilla. I am 18 years old and I am an aspiring journalist. I love sport, in particular football and could spend hours on end writing about it. My experience as a journalist includes undertaking work experience at Worcester City FC of the Vanarama National League North. During this time, I did commentating on the games – which has always been a dream of mine and also writing match reports. I have also gained experience through the Liverpool Echo newspaper, which has seen me cover the Liverpool Under 23’s at Anfield and also attend a Jurgen Klopp press conference. Any feedback you have would be highly appreciated. Feel free to contact me on my email : Thank you!

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